In order to successfully implement the EC Water Framework Directive (WFD), it is crucial to ensure public access to all information related to the WFD and to allow citizens to partake in the implementation process. According to article 14 of the WFD, the member states shall encourage active involvement of all interested parties in the implementation of this Directive; furthermore, they shall permit consultation throughout all stages of the planning process and grant access to background information.  One of the main objectives of the WFD is to achieve a “good status” of a majority of bodies of water in the European Union by 2015. On the way to achieving this objective, a three-tiered consultation procedure of

  • the timetable and work programme (2007, 2013, 2019), 
  • significant water management issues (2008, 2014, 2020),
  • the river basin management plans as well (2009, 2015, 2021) as
  • the environmental report and program of measures (within the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment) (2009, 2015, 2021)

had to be passed; throughout this procedure, citizens were given the opportunity to participate. The results of the consultation procedure can be viewed on the RBC Elbe's website. In the next stage, again, you will be given the opportunity of actively participating in the updating of the documents.