Background Information

Should you be interested in learning more about our activities, you are welcome to access the detailed background documentation and information that the RBC Elbe uses or issues when assessing flood risks or drawing up flood hazard maps and flood risk maps and of the flood risk management plan. These documents or links to other websites will be gradually made available here.

2011 - Background documentation – provisional assessment of flood risk
Tabelle Hintergrunddokumente PFRA
Description Geographic location / Coordinating area Titel
Summary Information  
Map 1 RBC Elbe
Map 2 RBC Elbe
Map 3 RBC Elbe
Map 4 RBC Elbe
Map 5 RBC Elbe
Map 6 RBC Elbe
Map 6a Tidal Elbe
Map 6b Havel
Map 6c Middle Elbe / Elde
Map 6d Saale
Map 6e Mulde-Elbe-Schwarze Elster
Map 6f Upper Moldau, Berounka, Eger and Czech Lower Elbe
Map 7 RBC Elbe
Map 7a Tidal Elbe
Map 7b Havel
Map 7c Middle Elbe / Elde
Map 7d Saale
Map 7e Mulde-Elbe-Schwarze Elster
Map 7f Upper Moldau, Berounka, Eger and Czech Lower Elbe
Background information by the Federal States

There are numerous web pages about the Elbe River Basin District, the River Basin Community Elbe, Coordinating Areas, the Water Framework Directive and other related topics. The following is a list of useful websites that may be accessed by clicking on the links.